Citrus Mint

blk. Resistance is a citrus mint-flavored immune booster.
Think of the blk. Resistance ingredients as hired hands, briefly assisting the immune system and eliminating any would-be destabilizers1.
Like an extra bodyguard escort for your health, blk. Resistance is ready to boost you to the next level.

Humic and fulvic acid proves to stimulate the immune system

Humic acid has shown to break apart toxic pesticides, such as paraquat and help remove them from the body. (source: paraquat- Fisher, A.M., Winterler, J.S. & Mill, T. (1967). Primary Petrochemical Processes in photolysis mediated by humic substances. In R.G. Zika & W.J. Cooper (Eds). Petrochemistry of environmental aquatic system (141-156) (ACS Sympoium Series 327). Washington DC: American Chemical Society)

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